Code of Conduct ::

  The objective of this document is to communicate the Code of Conduct to the Board of Directors and the Senior Management Personnel which has been agreed to by them and adopted by the Board. It is intended to serve as a guideline to corporate and individual behavior in the conduct of business and the discharge of duties.

To act in accordance with the highest standards of personal and professional integrity; maintain honesty, truthfulness, trust, fairness, discipline, high ethical and moral standards, encourage teamwork in the best interests of the Company.

* To take utmost care and diligence in exercising the powers attached to the office in performance of the duties.
* To remain independent in judgments and actions in respect of all decisions taken by the Board.
* To ensure that personal interest do not conflict with the interest of the Company.
* To safeguard the confidentiality of all information acquired in the course of work and is disclosed only if permitted by the Company or in accordance with the requirement of law.
* To comply with all the applicable laws and regulations of the relevant regulatory and other authorities.
* To endeavor to economise on expenses in all areas and avoid any misuse or wasteful expenditure.
* To make every attempt to provide an open, healthy, motivating working environment, which is conducive in upholding the Company’s goals and vision.
* Not to make any discrimination on grounds of race, caste, religion, ethnic background, marital status and gender.
* To respect individual rights and dignity.
* To ensure that due courtesies are ensured and exercised in communication and inter-personal dealings within the Company.
* There shall be a consistent effort to exhibit high professional standards, fair values in dealings and courteous behavior with third parties.
* To conduct themselves in a way that upholds and enhances the image of their position and the Company. They shall not undertake or participate in any task, debate or conversation that can reflect unfavorably on their own or the Company’s dignity or go against the Company’s interests.
* To constantly reinforce through their actions and behavior that the Company’s stated beliefs of responsible citizenship are rooted in individual conviction and personal integrity.
This code is subject to revision from time to time.

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