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WBATCL is a landmark in public private participation for development of Industry. Under the flagship of MJ Group, Howrah Mill came out as a successful bidder and was also triumphant in establishing strategic partnership with the West Bengal Government for operating Bharat Jute Mill as a unit of West Bengal Government. Bharat Jute Mill had a production of 6 to 7 tones per day prior to the takeover by the group.

Within one year, the group was able to increase the production by three folds. The mill specializes in manufacturing of premium quality of sacking bags. The management team of Bharat Jute plans to convert the mill into 100% food grade and enhance the production to 45 metric per day within 2 years.

The company has 795 employees, 23 spinning frames and 130 looms. Looking at the success of the management team, the West Bengal Government has invited the MJ Group for strategic participation in other Government owned enterprises.

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