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WBATCL makes wide range of sacking cloths from width 22 to 30. It can manufacture fabrics of various weight from 11 to 24 oz. Weaving of the fabric could be as per requirement of the buyer plain or twill. It can also customize the bale packing from 500 to 1000 yards per bale.

  • Width - 22" to 30"
  • Weight - 11 oz to 24 oz
  • Packing - 500 yards to 1000 yards / bale.
Sacking Bags

Sacking Bag

Bharat Jute Mill enjoys premium over the market for its superior quality sacking bags. The mill manufactures various sacking bags as per requirement of the buyers. The bag could be made of heavy or light fabric. The sewing is heracle sewing (with safety sewing option) and the branding can be done up to four colors as per the requirement of the buyer even the bale packing is flexible, both flat and folded.

  • Twill Bags - 44" X 26.5" at 2 lbs to 3 lbs, Government B-Twill bags
  • Width upto 30" & weight upto 20oz
  • Printing - 1 color to 4 colors
  • Bale Packing - Flexible

WBATCL produces yarn of higher counts (course) as per the requirement of the buyer.

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