About Us

As the process of integration of the world’s economics matures, companies face unprecedented levels of competition in the market place with new players entering & existing incumbents ready to protect their partners at all costs.

In addition the softening of the economic conditions in the past year or so gives an added age to this already heightened level of competition. In situations such as this, firms not only have to leverage their competitive strengths but also use them in a strategic & innovative manner. This calls for surefooted, analytical adept professionals capable to work in multicultural environment, equally capable of handling the hurly-burly of the market place.

We at this group are conscious of our mandate in the emerging dynamic scenario. We have invested much time and still continue to do so, in constantly evolving in a business environment and progressive ambience, which would encourage our employees to grow and positively contribute to the economic growth of the country. The process of economic transformation, has led the industry’s to sharpen their analytical skills, professionalism and the peerless vision that separates them from the rest. These are also the attributes that are critical not only for the implementation of second generation reforms but also for ensuring that gains from reforms are widely shared. The idealism behind our efforts is to warrant unparallel excellence ahead of others.



  • High Corporate Image with a good heritage.
  • Management’s willingness to venture and become an Indian MNC.
  • Good rapport with key persons in public & Government services.
  • Projects completed on Schedule.
  • Quality & highly experienced managerial / technical staff in different disciplined available within the organization.
  • Good support from leading bankers, financial institutions for various credit facilities.
  • Engaged in various social projects.
  • Currently employing 6000+ personnel.
  • Cordial labor relationships are maintained for the last 15 years resulting in no less of Mondays in our multicultural factories / units.


  • Venturing into overseas market at a latter stage.
  • Slowly establishing contacts with key players.


  • Great opportunity for a vibrant Indians Economy to prosper offshore.
  • Growth Market: Most economy moving towards market driven economy.
  • Good country to country relationship.


  • Government policies / stringent statutory requirement.