• First enterprise established 100 years ago.
  • Currently employing 5000 + personnel in different fields and activities.
  • Most of its sister concerns / associates are certified ISO 9000-2001 outfits.
  • Member of all leading chambers of commerce.
  • Engaged in various social activities.
  • Current turnover US $ 100 million per annum.
  • The group contributes almost 0.75% of the SDP (State Domestic Products) of the West Bengal, India.


The cherished vision is to make the group one of the leading Corporate House of Eastern India, through superiority in its products and services to create as one of the leading enterprise across countries for its professional excellence.


  • To provide professional / technical supports in all its diversified activities.
  • To maintain cordial labor relationships as achieved for the last 15 years. No loss of Mondays in any f its multi-locational factories / units.


  • To offer quality products and services to all its customers all the time.
  • To inculcate and promote knowledge to its entire workforce from the basic grass-root level.
  • To achieve a turnover of US $ 200 Million per annum by 2010.
  • To infuse a spirit of social involvement among the employees.
  • To establish linkages with leading universities / institutions to reap benefit of academic-industry interface.

Geographically & locationally, West Bengal offers unique advantages. The state is bounded by the Himalayan Ranges in the North & the Bay of Bengal in the South. It shares boundaries with Nepal & Bangladesh.

On the map, West Bengal stands at 21 degree 31’ & 27 degree14’ North Latitude & 86 degree 35’ & 89 degree 53’ East Longitude, with the Tropic of Cancer passing through it. Kolkata, the State Capital, is a metropolis of international importance.

  • The global Headquarter is situated in one of the stable political environment that is West Bengal in India.
  • The Government of West Bengal provides excellent & order situation & industrial climate.
  • Strategic Location.
  • Gateway to the – Asia – Pacific region
                                South – East Asia
  • Touches 3 international borders –


  • Air, Road, Rail & River links are very well developed.
  • Strong agricultural base.
  • Well developed telecommunication facilities.
  • Developed financial services sectors.
  • Developed infrastructures.